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If you can imagine what Artificial Intelligence can make for your business, contact us. We customize any tried solutions for you or make it from scratch.

How machine learning can boost your business?

Every industry, from finance or healthcare to agriculture and construction, is undergoing a digital transformation. You have to keep up with a changing market, optimize internal operations, analyze data and predict new challenges. AI is a vital part of this process.
data analysis
anomaly detection
image recognition
video analysis
knowledge extraction

Pr3vision can accelerate your business with AI

We can implement the best practices of machine learning for solving typical problems and customize it for your particular use case. If there is no ready-made high‑quality suitable AI product, we will be able to develop, test, and implement a unique one for you. And we’ll evolve it together.

So we help you to optimize performance and achieve operational excellence with clear ROI.

Two things we are most proud of


Unlimited access to talents
Dozens of young scientists and graduates of leading tech universities participate in our open lectures and academic activities every year, forming our base of young talents.


Expertise in math behind AI
Strong theoretical fundamental of Machine Learning and deep knowledge of Math behind reliable and outstanding AI solutions.
Our team

Artificial intelligence has been driven by human intelligence

Chief Executive Officer

Alex Safonov

Ph.D. in technical sciences. 25 years of international IT entrepreneurial experience
Chief Scientific Officer

Evgenii Razinkov

PhD in Physics and Mathematics, AI evangelist, University lecturer, public speaker
BD Director / Japan Country Manager

Yasuhiro Takayama

Masters from Tokyo University Graduate School and BA from Brown University
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