Optimization of Customer
Strategy by AI

The smart way to analyze and increase profit. Just stop wasting time and budget for testing different customer strategies. Let the ready-made solution help you raise your LTV and retention and lower your CPA.

What can AI do for you?

Get useful insights and capture trends
Track strategies and customer interaction
Eliminate unsuccessful strategies quickly
Help to create personalized
Customer Strategies
Сhoose the most optimal strategy at the moment

Time-Series Anomaly

This system detects anomalies in multiple data streams that share common properties despite that they have their different sources and data histories. There is no need to retrain the model for a new data sequence because the generalized knowledge of streams inside the system would handle anomaly detection even if the data for a new stream was gathered for a short period.

The model is fully unsupervised and learns data specific anomalies by itself. So you will reduce costs for data monitoring and increase reaction speed.
This solution can successfully serve in multiple business functions, such as fraud detection, accident detection, and exploratory data analysis.
Real-time detection of anomalies in the data stream
Automated analysis of new data streams
Precise reporting of detected anomalies through the notification system

Conveyor Belt Monitoring
in Real-Time

Even minor damage in conveyor band can cause a sudden stoppage, resulting in huge losses for the business. That’s why we at Pr3vision have developed a highly advanced AI-based conveyor belt condition monitoring system, using an intelligent blend of advanced hardware and software systems.

How it works:


The operator is timely alerted about severe wear and tear

AI software analyzes the footage and detects all anomalies

A conveyor belt motion sensor camera feeds real-time footage to a computer
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